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Getting back in the 5.0 game

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Hello all

I am a previous Mustang owner 86 GT, 92 GT, 93 GT all at the same time then got married and had kids and they had to go. Now i'm back and looking. I am trying to find a 90 to 93 manual GT two tone dark red with grey bottom that was the color of my 92 which was my pride and joy so if anyone can help it is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the great welcom and look forward to be driving again soon
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:wavey Enjoy the site!! :myhappydance: :happydancer:​
Welcome to the site. Welcome back to the stang family.
:wavey Welcome to the forums and AFM :shiny:
Hey .... Hi .... and Howdy ..... Thanks for joining the site!! :D
welcome to the site
Welcome and good luck on your search
After a long search i bought a nicely set 07 GT and i love it. look forward to asking alot of questions because this is no Fox Body
Welcome to AFM, glad the mustang spirit never left you:bigthumbsup
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