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Getting Close to Race Day!!!!

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Well folks, I'm 2 days away from my first "real" race day. I'm racing in the Open Comp and Fast Ford Brackets this weekend at Fun Ford Weekend. By all accounts, the car will be ready. I'm just hoping that my driving skills are good enough to avoid getting blown out in the first round. Becuase these are points classes, I'll be up against a lot of semi professional racers . . . so . . . wish me luck!!!

I'll let y'all know how it turns out. :cool:
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good luck, you do good there

let us know what happens..
Thanks, Bro. If I make it past the first round and my car holds together, I'll consider it a success.
good luck man....i'm sure you'll get passed the first the sound of your car's "mod" you should be in..
keep us up to date man:eyepoppin

p.s. i'm jealous
The key is going to be keeping it consistent. Since I will be driving with 4.10s for the first time, and with 12 pounds of boost for the first time, it may be a challenge. Its going to act like a different car. I expect launches to be a lot different too, with the Maximum Motorsports control arms. Its also going to be my first time running on a pro tree. Lotta variables there.

Hopefully, everything I did this week will help me be more consistent . . . not less.:winks
Well . . . she's all ready for Race Day. Dynoed at 320rwhp and 330rwtq (Mustang Dyno). Given that it ran low 13s when it dynoed at 240rwhp and 271rwtq . . and I was having traction issues . . . I expect to have some pretty good ETs. I'm up 80rwhp and running 4.10s with a Detroit Locker . . . that should git er done.
Sooooo? What happened?
jasons99gt said:
Sooooo? What happened?
I took runner up in the Open Comp class. :) All the cars I faced were trailered in drag cars with crews. I made it to the finals and lost by .06 of a second. But, I finished in the money and had a GREAT weekend. The car ran a best of 12.743 at 109.72mph. . . . not bad for a 3800 pound vert. :smoke:

At the least, you'll see my name in Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords in the issue that covers the Phoenix FFW. At best . . . there will be a pic of the car.:cool:
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