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Getting Ready to buy my first Stang! Advice?

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Hey everyone.

I am getting ready to get a mustang. I was thinking the SN95 5.0..

does anyone have any advice or pointers?? i am on a 3-6,000 budget for the car. mods come after..
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yea um u should be able to find one for that price jus check under the car and everything
Hi,everyone has their own opinion but I like the Foxbodies.If you have 3-6k to spend on one you can find a nice foxbody with a nice list of mods in your price range.The more mods the more $$$ but You can find some good deals out there.check out craigslist classifieds: jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, community, events, forums I see nice mustangs on there within your price range every day.good luck with your purchase
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I alway check for price comparisons. Do a search for exactly the car you are looking for and see how many there are all over the country and what price they are going for. This will give you some idea if the one you are looking at is a fair deal.
if you love that body style you should be able to find a cobra for what you want to spend
If I were you I would do reasearch on the car.... google it find out what year has what, what goes wrong with it, then find some cars you'd like to buy and get vin #'s and motor #'s and run them with carfax, or just ask someone here to check them for you to see if the motor is original, and the car hasnt been wrecked...also you need to keep in mind that any car near that year range or older is going to need some work done to it, like it might need a new clutch, motor probably needs to b rebuilt, etc. Check for new parts/paint that suggest the front end has been smashed... If your not sure about something ask the owner if it can be taken to a shop of your choice and have then look at it for you....thats what I would do
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If your looking for a Mustang with a 5.0 I would go with a 1993 or earlier Fox Body. The 94-95 Mustangs were a different body style with the same 5.0 engine but I believe they were heavier and thus slower than the Foxes. Plus I personally like the Fox body style better. Look and test drive both body styles to see what you like better for styling but mechanicly the two are pretty much the same. $3-6K can deinitly get you a strong ride. Mine was only $3200 with 58k original miles but you need to be patient and look. I looked for three months. Be patient and you will be rewarded.
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redwalsh87 said:
The 94-95 Mustangs were a different body style with the same 5.0 engine but I believe they were heavier and thus slower than the Foxes
Actually, that is only half true. Because the body style ended up adding on a bit of weight, FORD tried to save as much as they could where they could. As a result, the 5.0 Engine released in SN95 Mustangs, years 1994 and 1995, came with Hyperautic Pistons, not the Forged Pistons you'd see in early 5.0s.

Arguably, people have different opinions on the internals on this Engine, some saying it's less stable, thus less able to support high HP and Boost applications, while others claim that they don't have issues.

Depending on what you want to do personally with your car, stifler4020, you may want to put in a little time to research.

Though I'm not an advocate for the SN95 5.0, I'll support any Mustang! Take other people's advice and check local listings through different sites, such as CraigsList or eBay, and you'll definitely come across something you like.

Hope this helps! :thumbsup:

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After reading through some of the replies i am now debating over foxbody and sn95.. haha. I personally prefer the looks of the 95, but does it perform as well? what are the advantages of the foxbody?

this wont be a daily driver.. i want something for a quarter mile.
Go with the body style you like. I like both body styles but I like the SN95's better. The interior is what I liked the best when it came to choosing between FOX and SN95. But that is all my preference. Like I said go with what you like.
Also when looking at buying ANY car, always check and make sure the fluids are right! If it's low on coolant and oil, the previous owner probably didn't take good care of it or it has leaks. Or if the oil is blacker than black and nasty looking that's not good. Get something that looks like it has been taken care of.
The person that owned my car before me was a nice older lady that said she took it in regularly for maintenance. I have 175K miles on mine and it still runs strong.
Just be patient, don't just get that first one you look at cuz your excited! LoL
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i agree on the interior. but i want performance overall. and after doing some research it seems like the foxbody might have the advantage in the performance category. is this true? if so how significant is it?
The 79-93 body style was about 200-250 pounds lighter than the 94-95. But the same mods you could do to the Fox, you can do to the SN95. The main difference between the two, besides looks and interior, is the computer. The Fox computer is more modification friendly, the 94-95 computer usually requires aftermarket tuning to make the same thing work properly, the 94-95 computer is more sensitive.
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As a result, the 5.0 Engine released in SN95 Mustangs, years 1994 and 1995, came with Hyperautic Pistons, not the Forged Pistons you'd see in early 5.0s.
The 1993 model year foxes had Hyperautic Pistons also...
If you're going fox body, look for a 90-92 for the forged internals and upgraded T5 (if you want manual). The T5 was rated at 300 ft/lbs torque for the 90 year.
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