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Getting under your Mustang

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Just took delivery of pre production model BL-4500, sold my drive on ramp style lift and ordered this. Great porduct, great access under the car and wheels are free to work on. Sweet. Great investment for a car guy.
PS, I am in no way affiliated with the product.


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That's pretty neat...I like it. Is there any interlock in place to keep the jacks from collapsing in case of hydraulic system failure?
Ok, that's pretty cool. Is it compressed air or hydraulic?
yes, look at the diagonal in the third pic. It rests in a seat that prevent collapse. Then lift the car an inch and rotate it up out of the way, and lower to the ground.
That is what I need... What is the profile height of the lift lowered and rated capacity?
120V hydraulic pump with quick disconnects. Very slick system. I believe it is also available in 12v DC for track side use.
3" lowered, 5000#. Check out their web page. This version might not be advertised yet but call and ask.
I bought a lift two years ago and love it. I use it frequently.


about $1200, This how I store them when not needed.


about $1200, This how I store them when not needed.
$1200? Wow. I guess I'm stuck with the old fashioned way of using a floor jack and some jack stands. It must take minimal effort and time to lift up your car though… I'm jealous!
^same here
with that money i can most of my suspension mod.
Only down side I see is no side access.

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