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Ghost GT's put on

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Hey all,
Finally got my 20" rims put on my mustang. What ya think? Love em or hate em?


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Bling city! how's the ride now compared to the stock tires?
pro kit lowering springs my son.
by the way how do you like your header magnaflow combo?
It needs lowered! Other than that they look pretty good with the color of the veh....Have fun
They blended in to the Mustang shape well. Nice mod!
They kind of scare me :laughlitt
I think they look good.not crazy about the spinner things though..sorry

Ride is different, a bit stiffer perhaps. Magnapacks and teh JBA gear is awesome, great sound. Suspension is next, so it will get lowered.
where did you pick those bad boys up? did they happen to have any other finishes like say black or gunmetal and possibly in 18s??
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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