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:eyepoppin :eyepoppin :) hi i am a mustang enthusiast and i want to know what to look out for when buying a second hand mustang preferably a classic mustang ps any reply wil do.:help:
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Hi, and welcome to AFM, nice to meet you...
Hi Madstang

It might be worthwhile to keep checking out the posts of the people with the model years you are interested in. You may get a feel for the type of specific issues they have to deal with.

There are many vintages and categories of Mustangs you might start with, and there may be a certain year, body style and option package you would like.

Some people like to restore their own cars and some like to buy them done and continue the detailing process.

I like to do a budget for my projects and see how much car will fit into it!

Cheers Paul
Welcome to AFM.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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