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Gingerman Raceway Open Track Hosted by The Motorcity Roundup

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Hello Enthusiasts!

I want to extend an invitation to everyone that reads this post to come to the Gingerman Raceway track event hosted by the Motorcity Roundup! This event is one where we are out to have a good time in a performance driving environment while giving everyone from a virgin track goer to the professional racer a chance to get some track time.

Location: Gingerman Raceway
61414 Co Rd 388, South Haven, MI 49090

Dates: August 12-13, 2015

There are four different classes to accommodate different levels of drivers, the classes are as follows:

Red Group: Novice Drivers - No Track Experience (Instructors available)
Yellow Group: Intermediate Drivers w/ 2-5 Track Days
Blue Group: Advanced Drivers w/ 6+ Track Days
Green Group: Expert - Instructors & Race Drivers

On the night of the 12th we are opening the grounds for anyone who might be interested in camping on site. We will also be holding our annual tailgate party with tons of food for everyone who participates in the event.

To register visit
or contact me directly via email at
[email protected]
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