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Global West Front setup

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I was wondering if anyone with any year mustang has used global wests negative roll front setup. I've looked at it for a while but don't know if it's worth the money. Planning on doing the shelby mod but they are talking it down on their website. Any info appreciated, I just like to corner. Thanks
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I haven't but Global West has great parts, i have rear control arms (not on a vintage but a SN95).

Their designs were the most succesfull, before Steeda and Maximum Motorsports entered into the Mustang suspension aftermarket.

Their quality is excelent.
As far as the design of their neg roll system it is a mix of the shelby setup with the improved geometry of the new arms. If the shelby setup works, this should work better.
I am rumnning their control arms and big brake kit, good stuff
Cool I have heard good and bad, good from people using their stuff and bad from people who haven't even tried it.
I like Gobal West arms more than Total Control arms, and I have run both
I'm going to give it a try and try to spread the word whether good or bad.
Global West

I put it on my 67 Shelby clone and the car corners great , A huge improvement! Worth the money.
Check out the new ride height on my car with the 1" drop
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