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Going to attempt disassemble of gauge cluster

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soon. Anyone have any pointers? I hope its not too difficult, and I dont &*ck up anything.

Should I go cobra style white face gauge?? My gauge curently is the 85mph lx cluster. Would I have to change anythng difficult to swap to white 140 or 160 or whatever?

I would also have to get the white face cluster for the heat/air things also! lol

ugh, more spending money...........


Reason Im taking the gauge apart is a few things:

  1. checking the speedo cable , it has squeeked in the past
  2. looking for a replacemnt slosh sensor for the fuel gauge
  3. some of the lights behind the mph are burnt out, but it may be a fuze, checking that too
I figure since I have it off, might go white. Who thinks what? :scratchchin
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Thanks man, they look pretty cool, but Ill probably go with the cobra white gauges if I change. not sure yet..

Im not sure if they will look good or not on my car. Ive wanted to keep everything pretty stock looking, but the white cobra gauges can look good, maybe if I match them on the A/c switches- make those white too.. :headscratch:
IM also thinking about putting some gauges where the middle A/c vents are , but not sure which I should do, IF I do it.

fuel pressure? oil pressure? and maybe volts? :headscratch:
WEll, i think I ll just go with the same look, no white face gauges. Maybe Ill switch to the same thing I have but with the 140 mph gauge. I can probably pick one up at a junkyard maybe!

And thus, I probably wont do any other altercations to the car ie gauges in the vents .

Still brainstormin! :scratchchin
Im reading my google finds and it sounds like you are swapping the odometter readings too, when you swap gauge clusters???
Well , here is a cluster from a 90 car, but it looks like it is a swap of the entire cluster and not just the gauge face thing. I dont want to swap all that, I just want to swap the 85 mph face for the 140....! But it looks like I cant do that huh?

Am I talking to myself here??!! LOL :laugh:
Ya, is that your car, Reggie?

Im thinking I may not change anything now, just replace the lights, maybe blue sounds cool! Well seee...
haha, wussys? nitrous? haha:hihi:
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