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going turbo need some pointers

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ok so im going with the on 3 performance turbo kit trying to decide on if im going 70mm or 76 mm turbo then what size injectors would i need and what intake would you guys recomend i was thinking BBK SSI
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Just like everything else, the answer depends on what you're looking for. I run a T-67 and find that it's got more than enough on the top-end to blow my stock block. The larger the turbo, the greater the lag for the most part. A T-67 is good enough for 500+ horsepower. A T-76 is probably good for 700+. It depends if you're actually looking to make that much power. For a daily-driver you might be happier with the smaller turbo.

I'd give the same comment about the BBK SSI. I get into back-and-forth conversations on the forums all the time about whether breathing mods make any sense with a turbo. It's a beautiful manifold, I'm sure it would add a few horses naturally aspirated. But does it really make sense to increase breathing efficiency when you're pumping in huge amounts of compressed air? Do the flow-characteristics of the manifold change with compression? Does it make sense to spend hundreds for an incremental gain in efficiency when you can increase the engine's relative volumetric efficiency with a little extra compression? Not to me, unless you're going for maximum possible horsepower and efficiency. My QH already tells me I'm running at 160% load, do I really need better breathing?

I'd say also if you're running a stock block, you can easily overwhelm it to the point of splitting with a T70 and no other breathing mods. Just my 2cents.

Anyways, about the injectors, once again, size them for the horsepower you're looking to make. I run 36lb. injectors, good for 400 or so horses I've heard. At that point you'll want a high-flowing fuel pump and likely an MAF with a higher flow-rating. The bigger the injector, the crappier the idle.

Really it's the same conversation from 20 years ago - should I run a 700cfm or 800cfm carb, and what size jets should I use? The only proper answer is "it depends."
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alright thanks i was told to go with 44lb injectors for around 500hp i already have a bbk 255lph fuel pump and think im going to use the vortech rising rate fuel pressure regulator my plan is to just run the stock motor till it blows then going with 347 but im just trying to get a few pointer before i dig into this turbo ive messed with turbos a little on imports so i have a little know how but figured never hurts to get some more input that turbo kit come with everything except fuel setup
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You need to run a good intake not bbk. You also need to find a similiar build to know the HP to buy inj. 255 pump is good but may require an inline pump. ANy good fuel reg will work. If you have correct inj you wont need a fuel managment unit.
how to you control the fuel then i know you gotta get it tuned but not really sure what i will all need when take car to dyno?

And what intake would you recomend why not bbk
Why not tell us what you are looking to accomplish with this build? What are you goals (and be realistic) and budget? Way too many variables here.....
my plan is to push the stock block to around 4-450hp while i build my 347 i want a 11 sec or faster street strip car and for budget this is a project so guess that is undecided right now just wanna get some input on what a good intake is and what i will need to get it dyno tune and what size injectors you would recomend. my hp goals said and done are over 500rwhp
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