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Good car cleaners

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OK i own a Black GT..and it is hard to keep clean...but in the end.. its all well worth it! But i dont have any good cleaners:happyhapp Do u guys know any good car cleaners and shiners for Black cars???? thanx alot:wavey
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hahah sry any*:)
Zaino Bros

I had always read good things about Zaino products. I finally bought some for my 06 GT. It can be a little expensive but let me say - well worth it. I spent about $95 to get started. Last Saturday I spent about 3 hours on it and it looks great. Even had a bird do a little duty on it the next day and it came right off really easy with the ultra clean gloss enhancer spray.
Z7 Show car wash
Z2 Pro Show car polish for Clear coat
Z6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer spray
ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator for the Z2 - speeds up the wax drying time
Z16 Perfect Tire Gloss
They have other products too... read through their site. Good directions on how to apply also.
You get a really good "wet" look to the paint.
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I use the Mr. Clean car wash system and McGuire's Products. The clay bar and the 3 step products are a good start. Switched to the NXT product earlier this month.


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I have used the zaino products on my silver gt and on my present black gt. They are awsome, with the accelerator that you can get you are able to apply numerous coats at a time and then wipe it all off. They do cost a little more but in the end it is well worth it pulling into a cruise and looking at your ride.
Trust me do this:

Buy the mcguires regular car wash concentrate. Use a decent amount of soap.

Wash your car with a good soft sponge.

Take a leather shammy and dry the car off carefully.

Buy the mcguires show car glaze, slowly work it into your paint. It takes out all of the inpurities.

Wait 15 minutes after the glaze. Then wipe of is an even motion.

Then apply Zymol german wax, or mcguires liquid wax. Apply generously and also in an even motion.

Then remove with a very soft micofiber cloth.

Do this all in the shade.

*** This will be the best shine you have ever seen on your car.
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I use Adams Products on my car. Love them.
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