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good heads for a 347 stroker with a blower?

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as you may have guessed, I am building a 347 that i plan to supercharge. I have most everything set up roughly as far as what i want to do, I was just wondering if anyone knew what heads are good with a blower on there, or if there are any rules of thumb on picking them our. its a centrifugal blower, probably a procharger or vortech, which i know dont like choke points on either side of the combustion chamber.

I know i need to go fairly big to feed a 347. Is bigger ebtter with boost? I know putting too much sapce can hurt the flow characteristics in some scenarios.

so... what heads work well with a supercharger?
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AFR or Trick Flow will do fine...remember it's a collection of parts that make great power...heads, cam, intake, headers, fuel system and tune, not to mention having the correct rotating assembly
a good intake port and chamber, but a REALLY good exhaust port. i think AFR has some blower specific CNC programs. of course guys like CARL FOLTZ have blower/nitrous programs but lots of $$$$. CFE has a head called the PRO KING... it is a work of art!
I know its the combo but heads are, from what im seeing, the most expensive piece of said combo. id like to find a good head, then match up my intake and have a custom cam ground.
What is the rest of your combo?

How much money do you have?

Stock block? Do you wanna split it?
rest of my combo is gunna be SCAT 4340 forged crank, 3.4 inch stroke, rods SCAT too, cant remember length... standard for a 347 though. dished pistons from KB or Probe I believe, blueprinted block
Well the internals are nice but the block would be the weak point here. You can make enough steam with a 302 to crack the block and with a well built 347 it is even easier.
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