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good tires for stock 15's??

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I've got the stock turbine style 15's on my 90 GT. I really like the look of the stock wheels, but I'm having trouble finding good tires to put on them. I want to put tires just a little wider than stock (like 235's), but cant find any and dont know what size to look for.
Also, I'd like to get 4 lug spacers to get a wider stance. but can only find five luggers.

Any suggestions appreciated!
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts i think they have wheel spacers for four lug. i have yokohama es100 tires and i like them. they have a smooth ride, and they have a bead protector to protect against curb rash
I have 265/50/15 bf goodrich´s on the rear of my capri without any trouble :eyepoppin, I also use to have 235/60/15, but the 265 looks a lot better.
Im running BFG T/A Radials 255 / 60s on my tubines. They hook AWESOME. I have no problem catching traction with my power.

Do your front tires rub when turning? My car's a driver, so I need to go more than just in a straight line. Thanks.
In a 15, tires are getting harder and harder to find. This is exactly why i will be going to a 17" wheel and buying some Michelin Pilot Sport PS2's, expensive as all hell, but I want the best, so Im gonna pay for it.
I'm running Cooper Cobra 235/60's on the front, and 255/60's on the back.
BFG Comp T/A's look perfect on those turbines. They hold up to tire spinning
very well too. they tend not to fly apart in chunks unless you let 'er rip on some
really rough pavement. 235's will fit the front without rubbing.
Thanks, Guys!

I ended up getting a pair of Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S from a friend that works at an auto shop for $90/each brand new. Nice looking tire for the front in 225. It sounds like I'll be pretty safe running a 255 in the rear, so I'm going to start hunting for those next!
let us know how the Exaltos work out, those are supposed to be pretty darn nice tires
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