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got an Idea with the shaker 500, If you now anout it help

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I have a shaker 500 in my mustang. Looking around on the internet I found A product called Bass Shakers. A bass Shaker Vibrates a weight instead of air to make a vibration. Gives you the feeling without blowing out your ear drums! haha:eyepoppin. Well my question is, Is there extra plugs in the back of the head unit were I can plug these things in? Each One Runs 25 to 50 watts. So two at 50 to 100 watts. Is there a way to just plug them in and dont have to worry about an Amp? Please help!:kooky:

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I've seen those for several years, but never seen an install. I always wondered how well they'd work. Hope you can make it happen.

I don't know if there is an output on the 500 you could run them on, but I kind of doubt it. These units aren't made to be after market accesorized very much. The easiest solution would be to tap into the rear deck speaker wires and run them into a small amp with speaker level inputs and a low-pass crossover, and then run it into the shakers.
Help please

Can Anybody else help me? I bought an amp and sub 2day. A 10" Spl Sub and an 2 x 500 watt amp. Used, But how will I hook up my bass shakers to that? Do I need a realy big resister? Or just some small wire? Please help im lost agian!:kooky:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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