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Got lucky yesterday!!!!

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No....not the way you all think it
Was on my way to West Virginia....Having A great time on the highway:eyepoppin :eyepoppin ..averaging about 90mph on the way there...very nice day close to Harpers Ferry in west virginia going around curve...seen a speed limit sign...45mph and a state trooper at the same time...he pulled out right behind me I told my wife ..he,s going to pull me over...well he did..and I gave him my license and reg...he asked me if i knew what the speed limit was...I told him i didnt know what the limit was...(I really didnt know Im not from that area ) He said I was doing 58 in a 45..(.not too bad)
Went back to his car called it in ..walked back to the car and said...nice car and keep your speed down:laughlitt :laughlitt :laughlitt !!!!!!!!!
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So was he being generous about your speed or was his radar not working right?:eyepoppin
tw0scoops123 said:
So was he being generous about your speed or was his radar not working right?:eyepoppin
he was being generous. those radars are accurate to within 1/10th of a mile, to where your speedo, even a digital is only accurate to within 2 to 3 miles. if his radar fails to work, it will do one of three things: not read a vehicle at all, read vehicles at ridiculously low speeds (eg: a car that you can tell is doing 50 to 60 mph will come in at 10mph) or it will read vehicles at ridiculously high speeds (eg: a car that you can tell is doing about 30 mph will register as 120mph. any moron can tell when the radar is screwing up. plus he SHOULD be testing his radar with the supplied tuning forks before he starts patrol:winks
Not so lucky..

I got a ticket yesterday for going 50 mph in a 40 zone on a frontage road.:what: I had just exited the interstate near a large shopping mall. There were two police cars working together. Someone else was being pulled over as well. There was no way he was going to let me off with a warning.

Driving the Mustang probably didn't help anything, but I sure I would have gotten the ticket no matter what car I was driving.

What do you do??
I got pulled aside one morning at the main gate of the base so the guards could do a 'random inspection'. Anything that could be opened was opened etc...

Anyways, the one with the dog is looking in the engine but not using mirrors like they are supposed to and asking all sorts of questions about what is what and stuff about performance so i say can i pet the dog? of course she says no...

then the other guy is writing down some stuff off my insurance card and says 'nice car'

i said, 'is that why you pulled me over?'


(oh you *******)
LOL @ "can i pet the dog"
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