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Got sent home for goin too fast . . .

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Well . . . things never work out like we plan. Things were running behind . . we didn't get to add any boost (no pulleys around the shop) and we kinda gave it half a tune. Added some timing and the methanol worked great. But . . boost was badly needed.

So, I ended up getting the car outta shop about an hour before the track opened. Hauled home and picked up the wife and kids, drove an hour to the track, and the street class was being called as I pulled in. Got the wife and kids outta the car as quick as I could and hit the staging lanes for a disappointing run . . no cool down or prep time.

But, before I ran . . . the starter said they would be enforcing the 13.49 rule for roll bars in convertibles . . and my roll bar goes in next week. So, I spent the night trying not to do better than 13.5.

First round of eliminations, I ran a 13.455 @ 105.170 . . . . :handball:

That ended my night. But . . . it WAS kinda cool to get kicked off for being too fast of a vert . . . :winks I'll be back in a couple weeks with a new blower pulley, a full tune, and a 6 point bar . . . and I'll be in the 11s . . .
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its not a convertable, its a really detailed two tone paint job....jeeze track grunts.
lol . . . its "spray on leatherette texture . . . :winks
Maybe its best it happened this way. It will give you more time to perfect the tune and add the roll bar. How fun would it be to have your family experience a fatal accident because of no safety equipment. :happyhapp What kind of 60' time are you running. The best I have ever got is a 2.06 on street tires. Today after work I'm installing a Taylor battery box in my trunk. I'll post about it when done. Good luck :winks
Well . . at least I wear a helmet . . there was another guy there in a vert with no helmet/ And, like I said, the 6 point cage is going in next week.

My best 60 foot has been about a 1.9. I was running about 2.1 last night on drag radials.

Well . . we are working out the particulars of the cage. Its likely that we will go with a 6 point with removable door bars. While that is being done, we are also adding 5-6 pounds of boost and dialing in the tune. I got the low down from Snow on how to optimize the methanol and the key was . . what a surprise . . more boost.

So, I'm upgrading to a 2.95" pulley from the former 3.33". This will change my boost from about 7 pounds to between 12 and 13 pounds. We will dial in the methanol injection to start at 4 pounds and be full blast at 12 pounds.

Last weeks "half tune" dyno numbers were disappointing . . even for a Mustang dyno . . 271hp and 291 torque. Obviously, we are looking to bring those up a bit.
What were the Mustang dyno numbers from before the heads? Still using the stock intake manifold? Cage sounds cool, and more boost sounds cool. So, how long is the stock short block going to last??? :) Doh!

The numbers were 239hp and 271tq. Stock blocks and hypereutectic pistons last forever dude!!!!!! :tongue
What brand 6 point roll bar are you planning on using?
I'm having it custom done . . . I can't find one for a 95 vert. Especially because I want to keep my door panels and have some usable back seat left for my kids.
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