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Just got my Mach 1 - after a 12 month wait, and two cancelled orders (one by ford, one due to a further delay which would have meant waiting another 6 months).

I'm in Switzerland, but drive all over Europe.

I like fiddling with cars a lot (>20 cars), and in the week I've had her I've fitted a simple front facing dashcam (fitcamx), and half a blackvue (the front half).

Currently trying to figure out how to pass the dashcam cable to the rear screen for the rear blackvue, without going through the headliner (airbags)... and have the car booked for a ceramic coating in two weeks.

Next on the list is figuring out how to see the mpg on the dash, bonnet struts and some oil catch cans... sadly mods here are HEAVILY regulated, and anything that isn't OEM needs government type approval... so I'm a bit limited to ford performance parts.

Pics coming soon (after the ceramic coating

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