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Greetings from Germany

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I live in Germany, 35 years young and commissioned importing a 2008 Mustang GT 5 weeks ago (via Volker Eckhoff - US Fahrzeugvermittlung Eckhoff - Startseite).

BUT the dealer in USA did not believe my import helper and US Customs, that the title from the previous owner is sufficient for exporting vehicles to Europe.
So he transferred ownership to me and now I'm waiting for the US title office to devalue the title for use in USA.

So, waiting for 4 weeks now for the title.

I can not wait for my pony to finally arrive here in Germany :grin:

I have no high-res pictures, but here are some of the ad.

PS: excuse my (bad?) English :)


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Welcome to the site!!
Congratulations and welcome to AFM!
Your English is great. Much better than my German was when I lived in Darmstadt. Nice ride, btw!
Welcome to AFM.
Great choice for a car, and welcome to the club! Don't forget to post pics once you get your beauty home!:wink:
Thank you all!

The Title finally arrived at my import helper. So the shipping can start. He estimates it will take 4 weeks for the pony to arrive in Germany (Bremerhaven).
I am soooo happy :grin::grin:
Welcome to the site, Hope you find everything you need.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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