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Greetings from Switzerland

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Guys I just wanted to share with you all a youtube video of an american muscle car event we organised back in September. It was one of those rare days when we had crsytal clear skies in between Swiss Alps. Since we dont have drag strips here, we had to hire and shut down an entire airport runway for our event.

Note: My 2013 GT Automatic (Airaid CAI, Bama 93R tuned, KW adjustable suspensions, RTR wheels with 275/40/19 tires) totally smoked the new 470hp Challenger.
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Wish I could watch this video right now! (Youtube blocked at work). Nice choice on your suspension! ;)
"Video removed by user"....
It looks like the Link is not working! However, I'm really looking forward to seeing this event. This sounds like an awesome time, I hope you guys all had a good time!
Sounds like fun. Looking forward to see the vids as well.
nice work! seems like it was a great turn up.
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