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Greetins from Westmont, Il. 2004 Mustang GT

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Hello Everyone Who Drives A 'Stang..:wavey
At the car store last Wednesday, I was drooling over this 2004 "Screamin Yellow" Mustang GT, Grey Leather Int.,5 speed, Hard top, all options... :scratchchin
Before I actually bought it I called my wife and asked what she thought, she said... :nono: "NO WAY"
I was thinking of a way change her mind....:headscratch:
I told her I would let her take it to work once and a while!.....:gringreen
She agreed!.....:bigthumbsup Will I actually let her take it??? :laugh: :nogrinner I doubt it...LOL, Now I needed some place to brag about it....
that's what brought me here..... :shiny:
My name is LaZoRRaZoR, you can call me lazor.
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That's probably the most smilies I've ever seen in a thread. :wavey:scratchchin:happydance::bigthumbsup:gringreen:laugh:;):shigrin:D:hihi::):happyhapp:so:shiny::nono::headscratch::nogrinner Welcome to the site!
welcome to the site,enjoy!!!!
Hello, and welcome to AFM... Glad you joined us!!
:hello: and :welcome: Enjoy the site!! :happydancer:
Do post some pictures into your gallery soon!!
Welcome to the site.
:hello: and :welcome: to the site.
Welcome, I like yellow wish i had found one that was decent befor ei got my black one

Hiya, welcome to the site. Just monopolize it... :D
:hello:and:welcomeflowers:To The Site.
Welcome to the site.
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