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Grinding noise when backing up

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Ok, my story is kind of long, so I apologize for that from the start. But, I really need some help figuring out my problem and would appreciate any help that could be given.

To start off, I drive a 2003 Mustang Convertible V6. (Any other specifications needed, please let me know)

Around June of this year, one of my friends was reversing and hit my rear end on the drivers side. What happened was we were going to a friends house, and I was following her. She pulled left into a driveway, reversed out, and pulled up beside me to talk to me (telling me to follow her movement to park in front of the house (that was currently on my left). So I pull into the driveway (which was also on the left beside the house) and as I was doing so, my friend was reversing to straighten up and accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake (dumb, honest mistake). When she did, she hit my car completely perpendicularly. The direct middle of her rear bumper hit directly where my wheel was. And it was flat hit, so as I stated, was hit perpendicularly. The impact was pretty hard, though.

I tried driving the car after the impact, and at first it was fine. That was, until I got up to higher speeds and the car made this awful LOUD grinding noise. The next day, my dad and I took off the back wheel, took the brakes off (which seemed jammed seeing as how it was hard to get them off). We looked up inside the car, and everything seemed fine. We put the brakes back on, put the wheel back on, drove it up the road, and the grinding noise seemed to stop. It only made a few times while slowing down; other than that, nothing. Seeing as how I was to drive to college the next day, I wanted my dad to keep the car and make sure nothing major was wrong. I

He took it to two mechanics who all said the car was fine, the wheels were find, nothing was warped, the axels were also fine. The only damage done was to my bumper, the impact sent pressure to the bumper shattering the underside.

My dad then drove for it a month, and the noise had completely stopped. So he brought the car to me at college. Of course, when i drive my car I would notice things.

One time while reversing, it made the same grinding noise as it did when it first was hit. It was short, yet loud. And definitely a grinding noise. I called my dad, and all he could say was the mechanics said everything was fine, he looked as well and found everything fine, he had no clue what it could be.

Now I'm home for the summer, and the grinding noise still occurs when in reverse. It doesn't happen EVERY time, and it can go weeks without doing it. But sometimes, it will grind. Yesterday it made the grinding sound three times. Before that, it had been 3 days since the noise. Before that, over a month.

Does anybody have an suggestions to what this grinding noise may be? I can also tell you that there is a whistling noise coming from the back of the car, and seems to be the loudest when braking.

I really would appreciate any help anybody could offer.
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Have you replaced the rear wheel bearing? You may have also ofset the rear end when your friend hit the rear wheel. Not only did the wheel get hit but it may have moved the rearend over some. Take it to an alignment shop and have them re align the rear end. Have them check all in the rear end system. It's been a while since I worked for Ford. But when a car is hit hard on the rear like yours was it moved more then just the tire. My two cents.
I've taken it to be aligned...bc it did knock off the alignment. I also had two mechanics check the rear end, and both said that nothing was wrong with the rear end. My dad "said" they checked the wheel bearings, and they were also fine. I don't know if they checked the entire rear end system, but according to them there was nothing wrong with the car...but, according the noise I beg to differ. Lol. I just don't want it to be something minor wrong with the car, nothing be done to get it fixed, and it wind up being a major problem a couple months down the road.

What do you think? I'm at a loss.
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