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gt 500 crash at irwindale ca

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saw this on another site was at irwindale ca gt500 lost control :laughlitt
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I would cry. And WOW it wasn't even in the lead.
Oh man that really sucks. I wonder what exactly went wrong?
the termi driver lifted before the shelby, watch the brake lights... mabye some idiot spilled something all over the track... i wonder how much they want for it? :laughlitt
Oh wow, i would cry man.. Junk like this is why my dad doesn't want me racing my pony on the track.. Seeing this makes me sketchy about running down the 1320.

At least he didn't rape the cobra when he lost control.. The cobra driver prob shat his pants..:shigrin
Yeah, it would be interesting to know what caused him to go outa control like that. That could have been really bad had the GT500 hit the other mustang. Good thing is that the driver was not can be fixed or replaced.
why was he being patting down by the worker after? huh
I wonder if he'll be parting out the car. Should have let off when things got out of shape.
Kinda looked like the new GT350 after the damage was done :laugh:
He was patted down to check for injuries. Adrenaline will hide an injury until later. Kinda like people getting whiplash and not reporting it until a day after the accident. Waking up the next day with a sore back after riding a jet ski.

I wonder if he tried to call his insurance company. LoL

Edit* - Oh yeah, and I think the reason for the wreck was sandbagging. They both tried to make the other break out at the other end. Simple principle, stupid practice. Run fast until the finish line, then hit the brakes and make the other car run faster than their dial in. When the Terminator hit the brakes, the GT500 realized he had been sandbaggged and jabbed the brakes trying to slow down and lost it.
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