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GT40 explorer intake swap problem

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I recently installed trickflow twisted wedge cylinder heads with scorpion 1.6 roller rockers (those suckers are huge!) and I had to get taller valve covers, so I also bought a 1" spacer for the GT40 explorer intake I also bought (non tubular), but I am still having a problem getting it to clear. I had read a write up one time about someone having the same problem but I can not find that write up again anywhere. My problem is the "T" fitting on the underside of the upper intake clearing my valve covers and also the "L" tube across from it. I have been to a few hardware and pluming stores but none have anything similar/shorter and I don't want to waste time and money trying to rig something up if there is an easier way. Anyone else have this issue? Here are some pictures to help explain. I circled in blue the two spots i am referring to.

EDIT: I just compared my old intake to the gt40, I can cut off the "L" shaped tube and plug it off, my factory intake does not have that
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I almost have the same setup as you Only difference is I have a trick flow cam. First off let me tell you, I am loving the trick flow heads and GT40 intake combo.

Anyways, I ran into a similar issue, bought the 1 inch spacer and I'm just clearing those vaccumm fittings by maybe 1/16th of an inch. Maybe my valve covers are a bit shorter? Unfortunitly, you may have to resort to a different set of valve covers. I dont think you can do more than a 1 inch spacer, and I'm unaware of different fittings to use.
you can use stock covers i use them on mine solves your clearance issue :yup: i have same heads on mine comp rockers all i did was grind anything in side of valve cover smooth
Tagging, am about to install that intake/head combo w/ trick flow rockers, please do tell :smoke:

What valve covers are you using? I've heard some bad things about removing the baffles in the stock vc's, something about leaking or burning up oil. So I'm inclined to just find the right ones.

Regarding the 1" spacer, any hood clearance issues? I've got a conv, so I'm hoping I have the shallow motor mounts which should help.
I have stock height covers with my gt40 intake, roller rockers, and no spacer.

I ended up pulling the 90 out of the intake and taping it for pipe thread and got an adapter and 90 with a hose fitting. It turned in far enough to clear the valve covers.

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Is it possible to plug those 2 locations and get vacuum from the higher ports on the upper?
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