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gt40 price and info please?!

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hey guys, i plan on making a trip to pick'n'pull in va pretty soon and if i happen to come upon some gt40 or gt40p heads/intake, what do you think theyd charge me based on your experience? also, how much would it cost me to have these heads rebuilt? and how hard is it to port and polish at home? i think if i can figure out how id just do the intake and not mess with the heads. Would i also need larger injectors (or just steal them off an explorer ie 22lbs injectors on em :) ) Thanks alot guys!!
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If I'm not mistaken, the intake from a later explorer is a cobra intake, ie: GT-40. It just doesn't look the same outside. Gt-40P heads are the way to go. W/O the proper tools, porting those cast iron heads are going to be a bear.
Without knowing what to do as far as porting goes, you can really screw up a set of heads. I suggest looking up David Vizard's porting guides. Just Google his name. Might even look into buying one of his CD's if your really serious about this.

The intake runners have a certain shape to them, they are desinged with a taper that lets the air speed on the Pushrod Pinch side move faster than the short turn side, this way they both reach the back of the valve at the same time. There is a lot of to consider and learn when porting. Get it wrong, and you have a Fugged up set of Door stop, or wheel chocks.:happyhapp

If your gonna try your hand at porting, use some junk E7 heads, or some other kind of Junk Heads. With out some sort of Flow bench to actually test the results, its kinda hard to actually tell if you actually did good or not.
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with regard to porting you can turn a set of head into door stops in a heartbeat if don't know what you are doing......
ok :-/ ill keep my hands off porting then...well on the subject of a rebuild? how much would it cost me to get them cleaned up and rebuilt?? what about roller rockers? would 1.7 work with stock cam?? plzzz respond!
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