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GT500 brake conversion on 1999 to 2004 mustang

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Has anyone considered or done the modification. I was looking for an upgrade and came across this kit:

GT500 Brake Conversion Adapter Kit, SN95 Spindle, Front [BAK-V500] : Maximum Motorsports, the Latemodel Mustang Performance Suspension Leader!

It seems like a reasonable swap if a good price is found on the gt500 parts. Any information would help. I searched but was not able to find a swap done for the 99-04 cars here on the forum. Maybe I missed it?
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gt500 parts not hard to find. $700 to $900 for rotors, calipers, lines. $1300 new for all parts
Lol. Was only inquiring as stock brakes are not great and it seems members her like to do modifications and swaps on their cars. Still considering cobra brakes.
Thanks for the input on the cobra brakes. Glad they are working for you. Still working out my mods for my project car. It's a new platform for me and still researching parts. thanks again
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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