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Gumball 3000/ 2001 cobra

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So im really contemplating on doing the Gumball 3000, and was trying to decide on what car to do it with now im not loaded like most of the contestants but am looking to have **** load of fun so i was thinking of building up a 2001 cobra, now the question is would a cobra be able to hang around with the big dogs. now im not expecting 200 mark but wondering doing a solid 165-170 possibly if anyone can shed some opinions that be cool, and feel free to give advice...
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Did you know the entry fee alone is 25,000 lbs/sterling, which is about $37,000?
If you have that kinda money to piss away I can't imagine building a car would be a strain for you...also the contest is in London so the car needs to be shipped overseas...
Ok, if you are a lottery winner, I'd do a built 03 Terminator, it could do 175 for extended periods of time.
Def an expensive road trip. +1 if you have the money. You would def atleast need to change out the pistons on a Terminator to play high speeds like that. Just know if you loose it at those speeds, you'll be coming back to the US in a wooden box.
What is the Gumball 3000? I have never heard of this although it seems like since it costs almost 37k that thats probably the reason why because I dont have that kinda money lol.:nogrinner
The gumball 3000 is a race for the uber's loosely based on the infamous "Gumball" rally that used to be held in secret here in the US where a bunch of really fast cars would race from one end of the country to the other...
It became a movie, and now has morphed into this Gumball 3000 where it's still kinda a fringe thing to do with supercars racing around Europe or wherever...some have gotten their car confiscated, etc for doing really stupid stuff...oh well the price of fun if you are a you know why it's $37000 just to enter. No posers allowed
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