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Happiest person alive.

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Hey guys. I have a 1992 2.3L convertible.

Tomorrow I am going to get a 1989 5.0 Convertible.
My mom found one for $1000 bucks and all it needs is a paint job. ( getting it from a friend)

I can't wait. I finally get to use the 5.0 forums. Lol. I'll have pictures up tomorrow when I get it. =]

I asked the same thing about my 2.3L.

Does anyone know what the stock horse power is on a Stock 1989 5.0 convertible and what about the top speed?

Thanks guys.

SO HAPPY! :shiny:
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$1000? You got a steal. Congrats on your future new ride. :bigthumbsup

I'm pretty sure the 5.0's have 225 hp.
Yeah 225 and 300 tire smokin pounds of torque. :gringreen
Thanks guys.
I'll have pictures up as soon as I get her home.

What's the top speed on a stock 1989 Mustang 5.0 LX
Not that you should even be trying that on a public road, but they've been tested around 145 mph. Probably a little less due to being a convertible.
Congrats on your new ride
Congrats! And welcome to the big leagues. Nothing beats the sound of a Ford small block and the wind in your ears. :D:D:D
Welcome to the real mustang world =D Post some pics when you get it
Congrats man! thats a steal
I like your signature. I agree, racing belongs on the track.:bigthumbsup
Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see some pics!!!
No sleeping tonight!!! :happydance:
No sleeping tonight!!! :happydance:
I hope you have a note.....

whats up stranger.....:wavey
Sorry, it's been awhile since ive been on.
I went to look at the 5.0L and it had a loud nock and it ran rough.

So i'm sticking with the car that's in my sig.

She's my baby.
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That is a wise choice my friend...
sorry for the bad news, something will come your way
If it sounds to good to be true it always is, at least you have a stang and a great doner for a 5.0 someday :bigthumbsup
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