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Hard Cold Start

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Hi all,

I posted about this issue before and i thought I thought I had it resolved when I replaced my fuel pressure regulator but it is still there.

So what is happening is I have to prime the fuel pump a few times after the car sits for about 10 mins, if I shut the car off and restart within around 5 minutes it will fire right up.

I know it's not the fuel pressure regulator, my next guess is it's a leaky fuel injector. I had the upper intake off today and I had the 4 bolts off that hold the fuel rail on along will all the electrical connectors to the injectors but i could not lift the fuel rail up, am i missing something? I did not want to pull on the fuel rail too hard and break an injector.

second once I get the fuel rail up, is there an easy way to tell if an injector is leaking?

Third if it's not a leaking injector does anyone have any other suggestions?

thank you
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You may be able to connect some compressed air into the fuel rails from an air compressor. Have to rig up some type of connection to the rail.I would think if you had a leaky one you could hear or feel it.I wouldn't use too much pressure,maybe 20 psi,that should show a leaky one.Just my opinion for you.
I believe the fuel pump has a check valve that may be leaky also.
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