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Hard Cold Start

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Hi all,

I posted about this issue before and i thought I thought I had it resolved when I replaced my fuel pressure regulator but it is still there.

So what is happening is I have to prime the fuel pump a few times after the car sits for about 10 mins, if I shut the car off and restart within around 5 minutes it will fire right up.

I know it's not the fuel pressure regulator, my next guess is it's a leaky fuel injector. I had the upper intake off today and I had the 4 bolts off that hold the fuel rail on along will all the electrical connectors to the injectors but i could not lift the fuel rail up, am i missing something? I did not want to pull on the fuel rail too hard and break an injector.

second once I get the fuel rail up, is there an easy way to tell if an injector is leaking?

Third if it's not a leaking injector does anyone have any other suggestions?

thank you
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I got the fuel rail off now is there an easy way to tell if the injector is bad or leaking?
So when i pulled the fuel rail one of the injectors fell right out, the other 7 were pretty snug. I wiggled 2 out and i was able to put one of them back in so it was tight in the fuel rail, the other two do not go in so tight and fall out pretty easy. The o rings are in good conditon, so my question is should these injectors be snug into fuel rail or are they ok to be loose?

I'm thinking this might have been my issue, if one of the injectors was a little loose would that cause a loss of fuel pressure? If so how do i get them tight into the fuel rail, i put some clean gas around the o rings but they still won't go in.
Your o-rings are worn and compressed and you should change them out while you have the injectors out. They don't cost much and are easy to change. Did you notice any fuel or staining on the intake below the loose injector? If so then you were losing pressure there. If not then the problem is either the pump or regulator, more than likely. If an injector pintle is stuck open and bleeding down into a cylinder, you should see some black (fuel) smoke on start up. Hope this helps.
Thank you. I will get new o-rings for the injectors today, and fit them. I will put the intake back together and see if my problem is fixed. Else i have to start testing for a leaky injector, then look at the fuel pump.
I put the intake back together and i will take it for a ride tomorrow to see if there is any difference.

here is a weird symptom the car is doing that might help diagnose the issue. so after i start it up, if i just let it idle, don't drive the car. I could go out a day later and the car would start right up.

However if i drive the car. . . then it sits for 15 minutes the car has a long crank to start up.

i did replace the FPR, so I believe I can rule that out unless i bought a faulty one.
What year is your car? If it has a distributor then the ignition control module or coil could be getting hot and not wanting to restart. Put her back together and pull the codes on it.
Good luck.
I have 1995. I pulled the codes a few days ago and all I got were codes because my EGR is missing. So I don't think that is it, because even after I drive it, if I let it cool down, the next time I go to start it there will be a long crank.

After examining the Injectors, I don't think I have a leaky injector because none of the tips were wet when i pulled the fuel rail out and my oil is not a milky color and does not smell like gasoline.

I am wondering if the fuel pump is the suspect
Okay. So I since my car looses it's fuel pressure only when the car is hot, I believe the issue is coming somewhere from the fuel rail and/or injectors. So I was searching around there again today and I found this. A tear in the hose that connects the two fuel rails together by the distributer. Now there does feel like there is a metal hose under neath this so I am not sure if this is my issue. Would this cause me to lose pressure once the engine gets hot?

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