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Hard starting, rough running, codes

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Aloha, have a 2002 mustang gt with the following codes showing up on scan tool:
P0340 (cam shaft position sensor) replaced and code keeps coming back on. While
doing the KOER test with tool i get the following codes: P1158, P1158, P1132.
Car is hard starting and runs very rough. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank-You
for your time and effort in this matter.
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OBD-II Trouble Code: P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction

I am assuming that the other codes are actually P0158 and P0132. Check the wires on the O2 sensors and make sure they have not got against the exhaust.
Still hard starting, runs rough

During the KOER test i get codes P1132, 1138 1152 AND 1158, checked wires and seemed all ok. (to O2 sensors). If car sits for a day or so and i start it, it starts
on 2nd try, run (idle) for awhile then hard to start, sometimes after 20 or so cranks
it will start. Now has new alternator. all help will be greatly appreciated.. Tanks so
much... Aloha
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Have not really similar problem but not far, when its cold starts good, when drive for a while then stop for refuelling or shopping, it has a little problem to start sometimes but usualy everything is ok.
It cranking like 5 times then engine sound like it chokes and then it starts. I heard its a pretty common problem.
Just want to know should i fix it fast or it is not dangerous.

The weird thing is, i passed inspection few months ago and dealership told me everything in my car is in good condition.

Any ideas?
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