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harmonic balancer broke

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1995 mustang 6 cyc. was running rough. I took the bolt off the Harmonic balancer and it fell off leaving the pressed piece in the engine. Any idea how to remove it?
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Need to provide more explination so we can understand...or a pic
if the HB actually broke off, then there is a couple of possible solutions...

1. weld a piece of steel onto the end of the shaft and then attach the puller to that.

2. Remove the front cover which will give you complete access.
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That has got to suck. Only thing I can think is try to heat it gently and use a small 3 jaw puller if it will fit. Engine may have to come out to get this removed.
I'm a tad confused as well...the bolt came out completely and the balancer stayed in the engine? If so, that is completely normal and a pulley puller, as Steve mentioned, is needed to get the balancer out...

Or did the bolt break leaving part of the bolt in the crankshaft? If so, that will need to tap the bolt and get it out...sounds like a headache to me.
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I just saw on line a person took off water pump and time chain cover and put on a clamp shaped as a balancer with two bolts on the broken piece. He was able to pull it off. I am not aware of that clamp. Interesting.
The piece back of the balancer that is press in the engine broke off the pulley. I have nothing to bolt onto.
His balancer broke in half. The piece that slides over the crankshaft separated from the rest of the unit and is stuck on the crankshaft. The part of the balancer where you would thread bolts into to pull it off the crankshaft is broken off the other half of his harmonic balancer.

This post should have been posted in the v6 section as he stated that he has a v6 engine in first post, this is for modular engines.
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Yeah, you're in a pickle....anyway yo can get a wedge and hammerr the wedge between the broken pulley and the timing cover...using delicate hands? Would take a awhile and a lot of finnese....

All this is assuming I'm picturing it correctly, which I very well could not be. Otherwise, it sounds like the engine is coming out and/or a shop is going to get involved.
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