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Has anybody installed this new CAI?

1204 Views 12 Replies 7 Participants Last post by  mallorysmom to me it seems to be new, i've never seen it before. Claims to give 17+ rwhp, with no tune. I dunno just wanna c what u guys think, or if someone has it. thanx
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I have an 04 F150 and visit the forums. Alot of guys have tried the Air Raid and the only negative I hear is that it is VERY loud. It seems that the K&N is a better value with more horsepower. Also I contacted K&N about the new Typhoon (metal tube) for exchange with my plastic one. They replied that it was not interchangable with the plastic and the horsepower for the Typhoon is alot less than the Air Charger (plastic).
Air Aid CAI

On, there are 3 members who've already installed the Air Aid and love it, no tune needed. Mine has been delivered but not yet put on. Very easy install from what I've been told. Check out the site, there's a lot of fun people there (including me!)
HEY mallory once its on can u tell me what u think? thanx!!!:kooky:
The Air Aid Mustang GT CAI is awesome! I personally think it looks much better than the K&N (though my MRT still looks best of all! :winks ) I like how they used the venturi tube to mitigate the need for a tune. If you decide you want to rev it up later and add a tune you can simply remove the venturi tube and add an additional HP gain.
go with the jlt cai...i have it on mine and its the price cant be beat...185.00...why pay at least 250.00 and above for one... trust me you will not be 2 cents
yea but with the jlt..u need a tune:happyhapp
Most in the know-how would get a tuner first, or a tuner/CAI combo...

There are as much power in the tune as in the CAI! Plus; drivability (throttle response), MPG, shiftpoints (for auto), rev limitor, CEL codes, MPH limitor, more power outa that CAI.

The only advantages the CAI has over the tuners is sound and looks... some say there might be a warranty issue but I say not true! Yes you can return the airbox before taking your car in but as they MIGHT be able to see it was at one point tuned they can also see the higher intake air readings! Even more so since you don't have a tuner to cover it up! Also, how many warranty issues have we heard about related to the engine? None for me unless you count 14 PSI SC or 200 shot guys...

Just my .02 Euro Cents... again... :rolleyes:
Hey gtstangsoon where did you pick up the jlt cai for 185? I was looking at the jlt / xcal2 combo from

620 sounded good to me but yesterday I went and got dyno'd stock to see where I really was before I started changing things. The guy said he could probably get a good deal for me on the Xcal2 so It's possible that I might just get the jlt seperate and have him order the programmer.

What do you guys think, 620 pretty good for the both? Thanks for any input ;o)
I think 620 is very good for both! Sertainly a fair price for the best CAI and the best tuner out there! Not to mention the 'free' custom tune!

Only problem is that if/when you change something you don't have your own professional tuner that can upgrade your tune... with that in mind getting the CAI and tuner separately might be a bit pricier now but so is paying $100 (or so) for every tune in your future... most tuners feel obligated (or even have it in writing) to give you 'so many' free updates/upgrades with dyno time, or $20 tunes, or what not...

Authorized SCT dealers are not allowed to sell under $370-something I think...

i ordered mine off the site you have ....150.00 plus the 25.00 color match...then when i talked to him he only charged me 10.00 for shipping...very nice he said his cai is doing the same thing all the others are but just not charging 250.00 or more....but like what was stated you will need a tune..i have a local tuner in my area that i bought mine for 395.00 plus 3 tunes included....he then dynoed it and fined tuned it and i think it was a great investment...i have the cai, magnaflow catback, magnaflow x-pipe with the high flow cats...then when i put 410 gears it my gt he went in and redid the tune for the 410s...great the money and just do anything else i add he will retune for free since i bought the sct tuner from him....hope this helps
anyone no were i can find the best price for the airraid intake? thanx!:)
Air Aid help

Go here, and look up WadeSonic.....
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