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has anyone driven their gt in the snow yet?

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i keep the knockaround car for unpleasant drives...but my dealer did tell me that my new 06gt is made to handle snow better than all the previous that makes me think...if my knockaround goes down in the snow and i just have to get over the mountain and through the woods to my granmas house--how will my GT handle the snow? experiance is the best teacher so let me know if you've driven your gt in the white stuff
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No white stuff yet........but we're hopin':eyepoppin
we had a freakish ice storm in Dallas 2 days after I got my car. I had to drive home and it was solid ice everywhere, I was very impressed on how well the car handled. virtually no slipping or sliding at all. I did go very lightly on the gas
I also have a winter beater but when the roads are clean/dry I take the Mustang out for a day or two for fun. About a month ago I stayed at the girlfriends for the night and got caught in a snow storm on the drive home in the morning. The car drove very well and slipping & sliding was minimal. Would I do it again, no not if I had a choice but it's nice to know it's not totally useless in the snow. The only thing that freaked me out was sound of salt and sand pellets hitting the front/sides of the car!! :sosad:
Puptent21 said:
The only thing that freaked me out was sound of salt and sand pellets hitting the front/sides of the car!! :sosad:
Ugh, home sick, from work....

We don't use salt here.... gravel. I am very concerned about rock pits in the front and broken windshields. Before moving here, I never owned a car with a crack. Now I don't even notice them. Five serious stars and a crack that goes all the way across, in the Taurus. Too many to count, on the truck and again, one goes all the way across.

If I get a crack in the Mustang, I will get it fixed/replaced but I am sure not looking forward to that eventuality.

Incidentally, my car is built and just sitting on the ground, wherever they build these things. Waiting for transport to the dealer. Such torment you never knew. At least I know my car exists somewhere and is a real thing.

The windshield guy told my Dad, when he went to get his replaced on a 90 Bronco, that the F-series trucks [same windshield as the Bronco] have very vertical glass and that's why he had about 200 of them in stock. They get broken all the time. Dad's was just pitted so badly, he could barely see out of it anymore, in the sun.

Anyone else with cracks? How do the repairs look? Noticeable?

Ugh... don't get sick. I'd actually rather be at work than this ill.
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Mine is a daily driver, I have driven in snow and it was actually pretty good. Right now I have about 150 pounds of water softener salt in the trunk. Luckily so far here in Indy it has been a mild winter.

I have been told my stock Pirellis are a good all season tire.
Its fun driving it in the snow if anything.

ebay take off wheels add some snow tires a little more added safety
In Denver,CO they use magnesium chloride and spray the streets when a snow storm hits,that crap,if left on aluminum wheels to long will pit or destroy the finish.So the Mustang stays in the garage and my 96'F-150 4X4 get to play in the snow.
We've had two minor snow events here in the Nation's Cesspool (uh, I mean Capital) so far and The Dix was fine with both of them -- greatly aided by 100 pounds of rock salt in the trunk. I'm also feelin' Jet Man in a major way, as I took two hits from gravel on the windshield on I-68 while driving through the mountains of Garrett County last weekend, taking my daughter back to school at Morgantown, on the way there, one on the way back, and they both left pits...I thought I was in Columbus, OH with the Beltway Sniper still loose...

A car is just gonna get crapped up more in the winter weather, fact of life...but our Stangers are born to be wild, and I don't have a garage, so you just hit the roads with yer baby and git-r-done...
Mustang in the Winter

My experience up here in the Great White North of Maine is the stock Pirelli All-Seasons can't come close to a good snow tire. I got significant slippage with the stock tires on ice and in snow. I parked on a slight downgrade one time. The rear wheels were on a small patch of black ice that I didn't notice. I had to get a push to get off the ice and slipped all the way until I hit pavement. I spent $600 to get some Michelin X-Ice installed and they have made a night/day difference. I can now go up steep inclines full of ice and have made it through 6" of unplowed snow.
well since mine IS a daily driver, I have driven mine in the snow 4-5 times, the most was about 5=6 inches of heavy wet snow, and I must admit, the stang did really well. I would try to get on it and the T/C would stop me from having any fun. I have just over 8,000 miles on my tires if that helps any
My GT is my daily driver. I installed 4 Dunlop Winter Sport M3, 235/55 17 tires in December.

So far so good, except that I got stuck in one snow storm this year. The snow in the that street was heavy and higher then the under carrige of my car.

Other than that its Ok. I must admit that my Winter tire are much better than the Dunlop in the snow.
I just picked my GT last night, and Im concerned about the snow. Live in the NY tri state area. The car has the 18" wheels with 235/50ZR18 tires. Im looking for snow tires n wheels for the winter. Any suggestions?

Find a set of 17" take offs on ebay. I got for 279 + 85 ship. 17" snow tires are a good dollar amount less than 18's. And more variety. And narrower tire = better snow traction. Most any snow tire wil outperform an all season tire in the winter, so anyone will be an improvement. I have and recommend the Goodyear Eagle Ultra Grip Gw3's. See earlier posting for pics.
Yeah, i was looking at 17" rims. Ebay may a good idea for the rims, thanks for the advice. Tirerack has some good deals as well.
Even if you get stuck buying rims with tires at 500 bucks, you could easily sell them for 75 a piece. I debated going that route if I couldnt find the right price wheels.

iomusik said:
Yeah, i was looking at 17" rims. Ebay may a good idea for the rims, thanks for the advice. Tirerack has some good deals as well.
I got 4 17" Michelin X-Ice from TireRack. They were $540 delivered and 60$ more for mounting and balance. I got them because they were the top rated Snow/Ice tire in CR, #2 in TireRack reviews, and the top in numerous Scandanavian publications (who knows snow and ice better?!). I highly recommend them.
Mine is a daily driver in Minneapolis Minnesota.

I only had traction control come on once going from a dead stop (and not trying to spin). That morning there was about 8" of snow on the ground that started as freezing rain. So side streets were fluffy snow with ice underneath. Main roads were a mix of packed snow ice and slush were the salt had started to work. It handled well with the stock tires and no weight in the trunk...I do make a point to fill up the gas tank on snowy days. The thing that impressed me the most is how well it breaks in slippery/snowy conditions. I was worried at first about driving in the snow but that has now passed.
JenniFrog......... I have to say UFF-DA to ya... Hear now dontcha know.. <wink>
mustangbaxter said:
JenniFrog......... I have to say UFF-DA to ya... Hear now dontcha know.. <wink>
Yeah, my brother's been in the TCs for like twenty years now and he always says How ARE Ya. It's heavy on the second syllable/beat...How ARE Ya. How ARE Ya.

Then his wife came out on a business trip five years ago and I'm like, "Janet, I haven't lost my North Dakota accent, have I?" and she just threw her head back and laughed. Seems I've picked up that nasally East Coast whine. SUX TA BE ME!!

Minneapolis rocks...Prince, The Time, Replacements/Westerberg...great, great town...
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