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Has anyone tried using one of these on a mustang yet?

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This little piece of equipment is nice for getting consistent launches on a manual transmission car. I have seen them used very effectively on other makes and models but never on a Mustang, specifically a S197. With how much power we have from the factory and how easy it is to wheel spin off the line I would think this could be very helpful for the drag racers here.

MAP Hydraulic Launch Control Device for Manual Transmission Vehicles - MAPerformance
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Very interesting device! Do you know more about it? I assume you can vary the rate at which the clutch engages with the adjuster?
Sorry about the way delayed response. Basically it has a bleed valve that you turn in or out to control the rate of engagement. So you stage the car and when you launch you just slip your foot off the edge of the clutch or raise your foot off and the valve controls the engagement speed. Once you press the clutch the second time it disengages the control valve and the clutch works normally until you reset the valve for launch control again. I've seen it in use before on other cars. Works well once you get it sorted out.
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I will be using clutch masters clutch delay valve once I do the SS Line and Clutch. A lot of import guys use this device to help save axles, shafts, and transmissions from exploding on hard launches. I didn't like the fact this used a solenoid to open/close so I went with the fully mechanical CM set up.
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It only uses the solenoid to turn it on or off. Once it's on all control is mechanical. All the solenoid does is change the path of fluid to either bypass the control system (making the clutch function normally) or it routes the fluid through the control system.
there is this CLUTCHTAMER.COM out there too.
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