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Has this ever happened to you?

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So, I'm driving home from work (hour commute each way) and I only drive my Mustang 1-2 times a week to save miles and gas. So, in my Mustang, I get on the freeway giving it some gas to feel the hard pull at around 5k RPMs :kooky:and suddenly I noticed my air conditioner goes out! I am furious because in a span of two months, my other car's transmission went out, my motorcycle broke down, my expensive laptop's graphics card went out, forcing me to buy a gaming system :yelpleased:, and lastly, totaled my car - just after replacing the transmission. Needless to say, I did NOT feel like taking my Mustang in to have the A/C fixed - it's still under factory warantee though - but just barely. So I get on the phone with my wife first to tell her how pissed I am (it's very hot in central Florida!) Then, I get ready to call the dealership to inform them and low & behold, I looked down and the A/C knob that adjusts from cold to hot was bumped up towards the middle. I evidently did that when shifting :banghead: I feel stupid!
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LOL ouch. I'm sorry but its pretty funny. I haven't done that yet, but I have hit my hazard lights plenty of times instead of my traction control.
It's time for an aftermarket shifter !
NO, but once while dusting off the dash I accidently moved the dimmer switch for the lights to off and I had no digital on my Radio and it took me forever to figure it out. If it happened at night Im sure I would have noticed it as I would have had no dash lights but it was during the day.
The best on was on one of my F150's that has dual tanks and the front tank's sending unit went bad so I just use the back tank. Anyway somehow I hit the Tank Switch Button and moved it to the front tank and the Truck would'nt start. After a long long time of checking everything, from Gas to Fuel Pumps to Wiring to Fuses to Relays to Grounds, I finally noticed it was just the Fuel Pump Tank Selector was on the wrong Tank.
I dont think I was ever so Happy and so Pissed at the same time.
Wow, now that tops mine! It only took me about 15 minutes to figure mine out :winks
I once made myself an hour late for work while tried to figure out why my car wouldn't start... turns out the neutral safety switch was just doing its job. Damn car was in gear! :doh:
Done that many times, I remember the first time I felt the same way why its not cooling, I live in south Louisana and got to have air. It still catches me off guard when it happens.
I use my mustang as my gas saver, my 95 f-150 has a 5.8L engine and is the real gas hog. :smilie
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