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How Many g's You Asked

FordFreak said:
0-120 in less than 7 seconds!:drool: I wonder how many G's you're pulling. Well, I guess if you ever line up next to John Force in his Mustang funny car you've got a chance.
Well, . . .That's a good question. Let's see.
Using simple Newtonian Mechanics (i.e. Physics)
V = V' + AT
Where, V = Velocity (120pmh = 176ft/sec)
V' = Initial Velocity (which in this case = 0 ft/sec)
A = Accelleration ( 1g = 32.2 ft/sec/sec)
T = Time (7 sec)
Solving the above equation for A you get :
A = 25.14 ft/sec/sec
Which then equates to 0.78g 's of lateral accelration.
Of course that assumes that the accelleration is uniform throughout the entire run.:dunce:
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