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///The title is just to get your attention, because i posted this info in another forum ad got no replys

I don’t live in the US and now is my chance to order some parts for my car (2005 Mustang GT), my brother will be bringing back the parts with him as he currently lives in the US

Hi I want to add some cosmetic mods to my car, I want a Ducktail and Rear Window Louvers. Since my car came with the factor spoiler I decided I wanted a ducktail that will cover the factory holes. I would like to see pics of the two ducktails in real cars if possible, and would like to know how easy was it to install and how is the fit etc…

The ducktails I have two choices (want the ducktail to cover factory holes) so I have 3dCARBON and Cervinis. (If there is any other ducktails that will cover factory holes please post link to website.)

I would like to also get the OEM Mustang Wheels 2005 “SILVER” Buillits SummitRacing Sells them for 149.95 is there a better price out there.

As for the Rear Window Louvers I like the 3dCARBON '05 Mustang "Boy-Racer" ones but im open to other choices, can u guys help me with this.

I would also like to know were I can buy the 3dCARBON parts.

3dCARBON '05 Mustang 3 Piece Rear "Duck Tail" Spoiler Sugg Retail: $299.00

3dCARBON '05 Mustang "Boy-Racer" Rear Quarter Window Louvers Suggested Retail $149.00

Cervinis 05-06 Mustang Ducktail Wing part # 2227.......................$275

17" Mustang Wheels 2005 SILVER MUSTANG GT WHEEL M-1007-T178S* $149.95

If you are going to stick with a ducktail that covers the factory holes, then your options are going to be limited to pretty much the choices you have listed. I've seen another mod for covering the holes with the CDC spoiler, but it looks like crap IMHO. You can see em at california mustang:

Incidently, looks like they have some of the other parts you are looking for (I just glanced real quick like, but they list the 3dcarbon louvers)... might be worth a gander to get some other idears anyways.

Your other option on the rear spoiler would be to have the holes "filled" & trunk repainted. I knew I wanted a ducktail so I ordered mine sans spoiler to begin with... but, if I hadn't, I'd be having the holes filled just so I wouldnt be limited to something I dont like. Also looks like the roush rear spoiler will cover your stock spoiler holes. You can find it at:
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