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Got a bit of an issue. i have a few chopped up wiring diagrams that i have found online, and i have managed to get most of my re-wiring finished. I have re-wired everything from the front to the firewall. my park lights work when i turn them on, all my interior lights work, my wipers work, and even my gauges work. But my essentials do not work. Head lights do not turn on and from what i can tell they are wired in fine. My brake lights do not work. there are bulbs but i cannot tell if there is a short because the wire runs through the quarter panel. my tail lights dont work either. blinkers do not work as well.

my kill switch is also not working, i can start the car but i cant shut it off... help?

Radio is not wired up. any tips or tricks to rewire the dash on a 68 mustang?

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