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Head or Lower intake gasket?

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Hello, I have a 1995 V6. The coolant in my car slowly disappears. It is not leaking on the pavement, its not in the oil, and it does not look like its coming out of the exhaust but I suspect it is. I did a pressure test (used a vacuum and gauge on the radiator) and the cooling system held pressure for about 20-30 seconds then very slowly started dropping.

My uncle (a mechanic) says based on that information he would suspect a lower intake manifold gasket. What do you guys think? I haven't done a compression test yet but that should be the determining factor between the two right?

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Block test is also a good tool. In this case i would pressure test cooling system cold with system full keeping pressure on system for 15-20 minutes. Then disable fuel system and crank engine for 2-3 seconds without engine starting. Remove plugs and inspect for coolant on plugs. Should be a better test than compression test since coolant loss isn't substantial in a short period of time. I usually recommend changing both head gaskets regardless of which one is leaking. Good luck!
I didn't think of testing it like that, thank you for the advice. I just really hope its not a head gasket, my header bolts are so rusted you wouldn't even know they were bolts...
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