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Header Gaskets

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Just got them in the mail. Copper Header Gaskets. I look forward to putting them on and fixing my tiny, little problem.

What are the steps I should be taking to completely strip off the old gaskets? A compound I should use? A tool? Scrape? Sand?

Anyone done a job like this before that could give some helpful pointers?
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what kind of gasket do you have on there now? if its the lead type just scrape it off with whatever you can find suitable for the job. razor blade, scotch brite, steel wool, scraper. the copper ones i dont think need to be scraped.
Unfortunately, I do not know what kind of gaskets are on their now.

I guess I'll find out! I'll make sure to have things on standby for this.

Do I have to sand anything down? Touch anything with some type of compound that strips it?
You might need a wire wheel on a drill, but they should come off pretty easily.
I used a putty knife. Worked just fine. And just so you don't worry about leaking, put a layer of ULTRA COPPER on both sides of your gasket. I had leaky headers before, but now they are ok.

BTW I see you are from Ft Polk. I am at Ft Sam Houston. It really is a "small Army" isn't it?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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