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headlight adjustment

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Had OEM 2007 and seeing was next to impossible then switched to Phillips XTS. It rained last evening and imagine couldn't see s*&T. Now thinking to switching to HIDS but don't really want to do it before I see if it is the headlight settings. Anyone know the best way to adjust headlights? Thanks in advance this forum is great for us
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Check the aim in front of a wall around 20 feet away at night. The beams should be around 1.5-2 feet off the ground and even. 3 feet or so apart from each other too. adjustments can be made with a 2 mm socket on the adjuster in back of the housing. You need to remove the plastic covers to see them if you have them. My car was missing the covers. Sometimes the bottom adjuster breaks and the bottom of the housing pushes in and makes the stock lights aim really low. My 98 had this problem. I replaced the housings and it came with the adjusters. Plus it looks like new too. The proper adjustment makes a huge difference. I went from being blind at night to being able to see. Its still not 100% to my liking but its much better.
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