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Headlight, Directional & Fog Light Protection

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Just sharing.....

I have been looking for a good headlight & fog light protection film. I found this place on the internet (RoadBlocker in AZ) which offers a protection film kit for the 2005 Mustang headlights & front directional with a separate kit for the fog lights. Prevents scratches and marring. I sent away for the free smaples for the paint protection & for the lights. The paint protection is 8 mil thick so I mounted the sample on a piece of metal and tapped it lightly with a wrench handle and I had moon craters --- end of test --- no craters on my car. The headlight film was much thicker and I did the same test ---- NO moon carters, dents, dings, or marks so I am ordering a clear set for my Mustang since I think the headlight covering will scratch. They offer it in smoke, blue & yellow but it is not legal in all states besides it reduces your visibility too much. Here is the web site:

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Thanks Dave.....I had the same type of protection on the headlights of my '02 PT Cruiser....they worked great. I've ordered a clear set for all my front end lights. Let me know how yours work out.

Guess we'll see, eh?

Thanks for taking the time to take a look at us and our products. We are looking for a local car in the PHX area right now for some photos and free product to install if anyone is interested?

Let us know how the install goes for ya. Also the product will help with pitting of the headlight lense more than the scratch factor since our roads are so dirty these days.
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