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Headlight Replacement

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Has anyone tried to upgrade or replace the stock headlight bulbs in their 2005 mustangs? All the aftermarket ones I've bought have a longer plug than the stock ones, anyone else having this problem?

Thanks Mike C.
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I have the Saleen HID kit, but that replaces the entire headlight assembly and requires the installation of ballasts which the stock system does not have. It is a major undertaking and not at all just like switching out a lamp. So if you are doing more than just a bulb replacement, be ready for some work.

I have to remove the front fascia and the inside fender covers to install them - looks like a good half-day and a six pack. Something to do on a rainy day here when the inlaws are trapped at home too and can baby sit the little one!
I was trying the replacement bulbs and not the HID kits. The plugs on the stock 2005 Mustang seem to be about 3/16 shorter that a standard H13 bulb that everyone is selling a a replacement.
There is actually a write up in this month's Consumer Reports magazine about aftermarket headlights. Was kind of disappointing because bottom line, it said that there is no performance gain with the other bulbs over the stock ones. Obviously this is for direct replacement white or blue-ish bulbs and not full HID kits.
I have been wondering about replacing the headlight bulbs. Mine just don't seem very bright at night. I know I put some Xenon bulbs in the Liberty and they are WAY brighter than stock.

So we shouldn't waste our time replacing the bulbs? I like the bluish look better than stock; but only if it's brighter not dimmer than stock.

I have a set of the LUKS bulbs on order now and they should be delivered any day now. i HOPE THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM
I'm on my second set and still the same problem. The plug end of the bulb is longer than stock so the plug never actually snaps in.

I'm not sure if they are brighter but the lights are whiter, which I like better.
so then are you actually able to get them to work or not?
The bulbs work, however they unplug themselves because they wont lock in place. While driving they come apart kinda fast.
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