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Headlights Warehouse ???

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Anyone ever work with this ebay seller for anything (headlights) ? I'm looking to change the stock headlights on my 99+ to something darker more similar to those on a 2002+ and that seller stocks some nice ones. They say they are oem fit, sae and dot certified and come with the bulbs (xenon 8009 or whatever the number is) Anyone know anything about this ??? They only cost 89$ thats why I'm a bit sketched out
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i dont trust ebay at all i wouldnt do it but thats jus my opinion
Prices that are way below the norm usually send up a flag. If it were me, I'd just stick with a company you know you can trust to save the frustration down the line. Now, this might be legit and on the "up and up" but I wouldn't risk it myself.

Just my .02.

ditto on the prices. its just so tempting
yea its tempting but just remember you get what you pay for to me thats just to low
Eh that seems like a fiar price, but might i suggest sticking with a company that we all know and love + FREE SHIPPING!...

Black Mustang Headlights (99-04) at - Free Shipping!

ask "AMnick" maybe he'll help ya out with a discount :bigthumbsup
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