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Headlights won't come on.!!!!

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I have an 87 gt and a few days ago my headlights stopped working. My parking lights, wipers, tailights, and blinkers all work as well as the flash-to-pass(pulling back on the stick). But the headlights and high beams to not come on. The dash does light up like normal on the inside. I checked the fuses, put new bulbs in, checked the wiring harnesses for burns(overheating from bad wiring these years have) but the harnesses don't appear burned or melted. I made sure all the wires were pushed in securely; and today i got a new headlight(/foglight) switch from and the headlights still don't come on. Is there something i havn't checked? Are there tests to help narrow it down?
somone mentioned that i should clean the metal "teeth" of the plug.
would that help and if sso whats the best way to clean without damaging?

i need this solved ASAP i drive home after dark and am having to come up with other ways to get around until i fix this
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More than likely the portion of your multifunction switch for the headlights and brights has failed. I had this problem in my 91. I went under the dash and removed the wiring input for the headlights. I just wired mine straight from the switch to a relay that I tapped off the alternator. I did the same thing with my fog lights, so the switch turns on a relay and the power passes from the alternator to the lights. The relays are available for about $5 each at any auto store. You can order parts from LRS to properly repair the issue, you will need a new connector and switch I think it will run you about $90. I would still split off my fog lights on a relay, since this is probably the root cause of the problem.
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how strong would the relays have to be?
is it easy to rewire them and bypass the multifunction switch? I'm better with the mechanical thing; not so much electrical and wiring.
I used 30 amp relays if I remember correctly. You can just check the stock fuse and make sure it is equal or higher. It will be a good idea to use an inline fuse on the line for the headlights. Once you cut and bypass you will not be fused through the stock box anymore.
what are the instructions or where can i find instructions on how to rewire them? I have a couple 30 amp inline fuses now
UPDATE: I took the steering column apart and pulled the m-f switch off to find that the 4 pin wire hareness(that goes into the back of the m-f switch was burned to the point where it was cracked in half!
the other wire harnesses appeared fine and unhurt. I have ordered a new wire harness. is it hard to disconnect the wires and splice them into the new connector?

thanks bradberry93 it looks like you were right!bravo.gif
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UPDATE(2): So i got my new wire harness in(the one that was burned and cracked. and hooked up the new one and the headlights still won't come on!!!!
i double checked the other wire harnesses and wires and they all look good and none of the fuses are blown

i'm running out of ideas. Can anyone help?
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