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Hello everyone...

I know I have a '10 3V but it's the same body style as 11-14, and this thread is about the headlights...

So my car came with HID from the factory, and I'm not really digging the look of them without the 13-14 style DRL, plus changing the bulb was a hassle...So i thought about upgrading/swapping them out with some S550 style headlights with the tri bar DRL in the center.

However, I looked on LMR and some other places, it seems like those S550 style headlights don't fit because my car came with the HID. Is there really no way to change them?

If y'all know how to or any headlight assemblies that can replace these please leave the link too. Thanks a lot
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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