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Heads cam intake heads up

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What's up guys so I finally get some time off in a couple weeks and have had a top end setup just sitting around, I've never done a hci myself sorry to be a pain but does anyone have any input on what tools and other stuff I need before I get into it?
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This should help you out ALOT.
I just pulled my heads off, I will try and make a list if I get the time, of what tools you will need. Hope this helps
I would advise checking the tech write-ups on the popular forums.

The above link are detail write-ups on the swap.

Your basic tool kit, a torque wrench, fuel line removal tool, a friend, some beer... items along those lines would definitely help you replace your upper half. Make sure in advance that you have assembly grease, coolant, engine oil, and patience.

Also, print a copy of all the torque specs!
I just read that write up and i have to say its really helpful. I will definetly have this with me when i get mine done. :bigthumbsup
That PDF should cover it, if there's any clarification you need then just ask.
thanks alot guys i was looking for that i rmemeber seeing it a while ago thank you
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