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Hello all...

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Hello Everybody. Just want to take this opertunity to say hello to everyone. I've looking around this site for a week or so and find it the best place to go for info and people who really know Fords. I live just outside Detroit Michigan. Three weeks ago i went to the Ford dealership looking for a new pick up truck. To make a long story short I wound up keepeng my truck and driving out of the dealership with a 2005 Mustang convertible. No regrets. This is the nicest car (and the fastest) i've ever owned. Can't wait to start the MOD process. I'm 32 and finally living my dream. Looking forward to hearing about everything you can learn about on this site. Good Day!!
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I've noticed a lot of members read but don't post. Check out the read-to-reply ratios! But we'll change that huh;)

I've been reading past threads on '96 stang gt's. I want to do that PI head swap!

Welcome to AFM and congrats on your new pony.

Nice car you picked, love that color, especially on the vert!

Good luck with your mods and as you prolly have seen allready feel free to ask any Q's you might have with us in the 05 forums, allot have been done and there is allot of experienses (good and bad) to take part of and study... please share your own experiences and thought as well!
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