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Hello everybody!!

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Hi all.
Well I'm new here, so here goes.............
My name is Chris, but my handle is DeMon13, kinda a play on my last name and my "lucky" number. I'm from Pittsburgh. I have a 69 stang and she is my baby. I have plans for her. Right now she has been restored to "stock", which is OK, unless you want to stop (drum brakes all four corners) :grin:. It's a "little" 302, 4 barrel auto. Besides the brakes, I want an AOD type tranny. Which I'm researching now. I'm not a mechanic, never played one on T.V and I did not spend the night at a best western. BUT my best friend is a Master Ford mechanic and he helps when he has the time.

I'd like to say thanks to everyone for the knowledge and advice I know I'll be asking for.
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Welcome to the site Chris!
Welcome to the site!!
Welcome to AFM Chris
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