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Hello everyone. I am happy to become a member of this site!

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I am a mustang fanatic! I have had my 89 5.0 for for about 10 years and what a ride its been! I raced for 3 years on the tracks in Fla. Now I just moved to Az. about 3 weeks ago and the emissions tests are killing me! What a croc. I took everything off to race in Fla. Now I have to find everything and put it back on just to pass emmisions! Joy! So anyone have some smg pump stuff they are looking to get rid of here in Tucson?
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Welcome to AFM! What a pain in the butt! We don't have emissions inspections here in KS so we're lucky I guess lol. You can check out our free classifieds and see if you turn anything up. Just an fyi, and not that you're doing that here, but we don't allow buying and selling in the main forums... keeps 'em cleaner that way.

Browse around and check out our 5.0 sections if you haven't already.

Thanks for joining!
Welcome to AFM. Sorry to hear about you run around you're having there.
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